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Instructions for setting Microsoft Outlook Express
with bizmail service.
Step-by-step instructions for setting up email on an BlackBerry Phones.
System Settings
Step 1. From the Home screen, Open Settings, then select Accounts
Account Settings
Step 2.  Select Add Account from Account Settings.
Add Account
Step 3. Enter your full email address, and then select Advanced option from bottom of the screen.
Advance Setup
Step 4. From Advanced Setup, please select IMAP option.
IMAP Settings
Step 5. Enter the following information for E-mail Accounts:
  • Description: You can Enter your name or company name for account identification.
  • Display Name : Enter the name want your e-mail to display when someone receives your message.
  • Username: Enter your complete e-mail address, for example
  • Email Address: Enter your complete e-mail address, for example
  • Password: Enter your email password
  • Server Address : Enter incoming server address as
  • Port : 143
  • Encryption : Off, then scroll down the screen.
  • IMAP Settings ( Countinued...)
  • SMTP Username: Enter your complete e-mail address, for example
  • SMTP Username: Enter your email password
  • SMTP Server Address: Enter Outgoing mail server address as
  • SMTP Port : 25
  • SMTP Encryption : Off
  • After Entering above information, please click Done option at the top of the IMAP screen. And now you are ready to receive and send mails.

  • The above instructions are specially for BlackBerry Z-10 Model, however further support can be found on the BlackBerry support site.
    Please Note: If you require further support, please contact your mobile service provider in regards to adding POP3/IMAP account on your BlackBerry handset.